Do unto others

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world”

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Anyone can learn from this quote.


There are a lot of people in this world. Every one of us has a role.

A student

An office worker

A traveler

and etc.


I have a short story here…I created this story on the spot because i was inspired by the quote.

“Sally drives the beetle car. From the city, she drives to the mountain for hiking trip. In the middle of the road, it starts raining.After 10 miles, one of the wheels got flat tire.

She is alone in the middle of the road. What should she do? Fix it? Call phone? or ask help…

First, she tries to call from her phone, but it had no signal. Sally tries to fix the car.After few tries, it doesn’t work. So she decided to get her small stuff and walk. As she walks three steps, there was a green car.

Sally waves her hand to ask for help. The green car stops. The front window of the car was opened. Inside, it was a breed man. Sally showed the breed man, her broken flat tire wheel. The breed man helps her. The car is back to shape again. Sally says thank you to the stranger, breed man. The breed man smiles and lefts off in his green car. Then Sally continues on her goal to go to mountain.”


In this story, it was a bad day for Sally. She got delayed with her plans. She tries again to make her car works. Gladly, there was a kind breed man stranger who helps her fix the wheel. In this situation, a stranger change her perspective that there are still people who help.

Do unto others, you never know when that one person will be thankful to you.








Quote of the day: Opinion

In One world, there are many different living organisms. The creature who progress are Humans. Humans has a short life yet, he or she continues to adapt their lifestyle.

Humans, who works or study in the city and country

Humans, no matter what shape, size, gender, religions, views and lifestyles continues to write their life stories

Humans, who plays the different roles in their life.

As a son /daughter
As a child
As a parent
As a relative
As a friend
As a bestfriend
As a boyfriend/ girlfriend
As a group
As a stranger
As an acquintance
As an individual

And many more…

So,I will share with you the “quote of the day” this April 11, 2016

Here is the link:

Quote for day: April 11, 2016

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world” ~Unknown Author

We live in world where life comes and goes without knowing that each of us can make or break another person thru words.

Maybe a chat with your friend can be huge deal for them. By talking some circumstances, like school, work, family, friends, problems, and struggle in life can make uplift their mood for a fresh start again.

Maybe giving a smile to stranger can make them happy.

This is why, it’s okay to be yourself. When you continue to learn who you are thru experience and obstacle, everything comes naturally.

Who knows? With or without realising, someone is inspired by you.