5 simple ways to change yourself

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“The Only Person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change” -carl rogers
 1. Live the present moment
Busy lifestyle makes life goes black and white. Every 1 to 2 hours, alarm your clock. So that for 1 to 2 minutes, you can think of the present moment. Look at the sky, grass, building, people and your surroundings. Look and think your life. Reflect. After that, you’ll be productive.
2. Exercise with a purpose
Don’t do as you are instructed to do an english grammar exercise. Act as if you’re convinced  to exercise.
Question: What is the biggest reason why you need to exercise?
3. Have Courage 
Talking to People. Saying “No”. Waking up Early. Admit your Mistakes.
Be Responsible for your action.
But How? I have a daily activity.
Activity: Write a Daily Courage List.
For Example: (This can happen in real life)
Sept 22: I’m lost. I’ll asked a stranger. Starting, “Where is the grocery store?”
Sept 23: I’m afraid to asked question. Okay. I’ll write down my question and then I’ll ask.
Sept 24: Can you help me? “Nope! Washroom Emergency!” Then run.
Sept 25: In Bus station, someone shouts “Cubao” for 10 times, later on someone asked, “where will this bus go?”
Sept 26: A kid spilled a milk.
The adult said, “Oh no!”
The kid said, “Sorry”
Adult said, “Be careful, next time.” Then, wipes the spilled milk.
Sept 27: Wake up late? Calm down, look at the time, then do the necessary chores before going to school or work.
Sept 28:  “Oops, the room is messy, but busy. Ask help, if you can.
4. Practice Gratitude
Gratitude is a way for you to say thankful on the wonderful things that happens to you.
Activity: Have a Gratitude notebook. Then, write every day. It takes 2 to 3 mins a day. If you do this for the entire year, you’ll have your own original book.
1. I’m grateful that I ate warm breakfast from Mom today, because I’ll feel full and energetic
2. I’m grateful that today is sunny, because i can walk outside to see the nature.
5. Clean your Room
Change start by yourself, when you make a decision you can follow. Try this.
Activity: Morning-clean room for 30 mins
                Evening-clean room for 30 mins
You can use a timer. Think of this as a pressure cooking test from Masterchef USA, but in cleaning department.
In summary, start simple activities to change yourself. You can become a better person.
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Did you fall? Keep going.

There are words which people avoid, and probably you feel as well. The words such as Failure, Embassing, Disappointing, Frustration and Undecided.

It’s better enjoy life and not be awkward, right? 

Here’s a quote photo of the day to motivate you. 

The secret of success is constancy to purpose ~Benjamin Disraeli

If you fall, get up. If you fail, try again. If you succeed, treat yourself a meal.

For example,

1. Fail: The exam you need to pass

Plan: create simple step. 

-Option 1: learn on your own

-Option 2: asked someone expert on that subject to teach you.

-Option 3: create a realistic schedule. You can adjust and tweak as you go along the way

Action: think of the best options and do the work.

2. Problem: Weight problems

Fail: on and off exercise routine

Cause: It’s too hard. Complicated. 

Plan: The question is… What is your weight goal? Healthy lifestyle? Or do you want to look good? 

-Option 1: watch motivation video about exercise in youtube.

-Option 2: go to gym and hire a trainer to help you achieve your goal. You can start by simple exercise.

The question is.. are you committed to have healthy and exercise lifestyle?

-Option 3: There’s an exercise app that let’s you exercise for 7 mins. You can download in android or ios. You can exercise everyday or 3 times a week. 

-Option 4: Be aware the food you eat. (They say eating junk food is not good for your health. But i believe whatever you eat, try to have a balance lifestyle. A little bit of everything. Not too much and not too little)

-Option 5: Create a schedule. (I have a story. Sometimes, i practiced yoga. Not consistent. But i continue to exercise anyway. I told someone that i do yoga as a hobby. So the advice i was given for consistency is that i can practice yoga 3 times a week. From Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That’s it. I tried but it’s hard. I get lazy. I feel sleepy. If i exercise too much, i’ll eat a lots of food. Why exercise? So many excuses in my head. But i still remember that advice. I thought myself, if i exercise 3 times a week, will i change? The only practical exercise i can do is walk 10 mins everyday. It simple yet effective.

Action: Look at the best options. You can come up your own. Then, do your work. 
If you read my facebook page, i’m not consistent in posting daily quote. I sometimes post everyday. But there are times, i stopped. The cycle repeats. 

The difference is I never stopped. I hope you don’t stop and keep on going to the goal and dream you want to achieve.

For me, i’m super thankful that there are people who read the quotes i shared. 

Overall, keep going when you fall. When you continue trial and errors, you can succeed in life.

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Can you become an expert?

Helen Hayas said “The expert at anything was once a beginner”.

1501515291581-minThis quote makes sense. But how can you be an expert? You have to start somewhere. You start as an amateur and level one in the game. I started a facebook page as “Motivation quotes thru calligraphy” to share and help everyone to read on what I write quotes everyday. I like the idea of reminding someone that there’s a small candle in every dark tunnel you’re in.


Becoming an expert sounds hard. So I’ll give an example. Are you familiar with the anime named Naruto?

Anime: Naruto from wallpapercave.com

Naruto is a 12-year old ninja and former prankster who dreams to become a Hokage in his ninja village, so that people will notice him. Imagine a kid who lose his parents, being ignored by his fellow villagers and no one to talk to. He was told he was destined to fail. A troublemaker who doesn’t think of people of bringing him down. Naruto’s comfort is to eat ramen during night time. Naruto said “The road is not easy”. If you want something, you have to work hard. Every time he failed, he tries again and again. Every time he meets and fight people, Naruto shatters their perspective about being genius and failure. The story is full of roller coaster ride. Eventually, Naruto became a master of his own fate.

I learned a lot from Naruto. He never gives up in his dream. Even when people told him it’s pointless. He is consistent even when he fails and succeed in his ninja mission.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes. It’s part of the process. A process of what could not work. You have to try again and again. Taking action is better than over thinking.

The road is not easy and rough. You’ll face mixed emotion of being happy, sad, disappointed. You have to be uncomfortable for you to grow as a person. There was a time where I didn’t post quote for a day in facebook and instagram. It’s hard to make a habit to post everyday. Currently, I’m still learning on how to be consistent in posting a pic per day.

If you’re not sure of what you want to do next, you can try to do other activities. For example, writing, play sports, draw, paint, read books, talk to people. Think of the things that will help you grow. Never stop learning. Every day changes a lot.

In short, you have to start from the bottom to climb like the expert you want to achieve.



Why did I choose Calligraphy?

Practice quotes

One day, I woke up thinking on practice doing calligraphy.


I see the wonderful calligraphies from different various sites. I was amazed.

I don’t know how I should start.

It got me thinking on doing a daily project of writing motivation quotes.

This way, I get to practice writing calligraphy and inspired people who reads my quotes.

This is my new beginning journey, I hope you’ll be inspired.

Thank you.

Please comment below of what you think about the motivation quotes.