To used second hand color jumbo pen

I remember there was a video post about calligraphy materials. The materials can be seen inside the house. Ordinary materials that doesn’t have to be branded and fancy. Whether the materials is crayola or pentel pen, you’re good to go.

In my case, I saw some colourful jumbo pens, which is called “Faber Castell Jumbo Connector Pen.”

My relative did not used this pens anymore. So, I picked this Jumbo Pens and write quotes that I like. The more I write, the more I get better. As you can see from this picture.

Lastly, using jumbo pen is good for writing experiment and drawing. Then, save my money from buying new calligraphy materials.


MQTC blog for January 14 2019

I’m grateful that I post 3 blogs last week. This is my first time doing that.

For 2019, I’m focusing in writing. There are stories to tell. Self improvement and education is nice. Learning can be fun when there’s no pressure.

If you remember my precious blog, I wrote quotes to apply them in real life. Maybe someday, maybe now.

In 2018, I only remember applying what I learned thru baking bread. Bread takes time, energy and strength. The reward is fulfilling when the oven is done.

I’ve done my baby steps. 3 blogs. My goal is to write more blogs in the future. My current mindset is think today, not tomorrow. The process is important. That result gives a satisfying job well done.

Futhermore, I’ll continue to explore the world of writing.

Better do something than New Year Resolution

The last quote photo I published was on November 14, 2018. Later on, I resume my quotes photos on January 2, 2018, which written as…

After many years, doing new years resolution doesn’t work at all. I just post my photo for a day just for fun. I keep posting quote photos everyday ever since. One time, I post a photo today. If it’s tomorrow, I don’t think about it. No pressure. No worries.

There are times, I don’t have the motivation to write or post per day. I feel lazy. Then, I remember something. When i write, I feel calm and shading is fun when there’s colors.

Currently, I’ll use color pens. I need to buy a good quality paper for my brush pen. I learning a new font takes time and energy.

So, I’ll do things one step at a time. Whether I post photos everyday or sometimes, I’ll continue to write for inspiration.

Calligraphy Materials I used in January 2019

I currently use Pen and Paper. That’s it. What does this mean? As the saying goes, a picture worth a thousand words.

First, I used coloured pen. I bought the cheapest reusable pack. So I switched one coloured pen to another.

Second, I used premium paper. This paper is rarely used. When I have time, I used the paper to write calligraphy or make some artworks. Combine Coloured Pen and Premium Paper gives a colourful calligraphy quotes. Doing Faux Calligraphy takes time, patience and perseverance.

Hopefully, I can buy some calligraphy materials in the future for self improvement.

First Blog in 2019, ALL about practice writing font

Hello Everyone!

Today is January 7. It’s been many days since New Year. The reason why I’m writing today because I’m practicing my writing. Writing is an everyday consistency skills. Today, I will share with you what I learned about Faux Calligraphy.

Since 2015, I slowly searched for one font to practice. There are fancy and beautiful fonts I cannot write. Currently, I don’t have a budget to buy some calligraphy materials.

I just used what i currently have. I’m saving money to some more calligraphy materials in the future.

I practiced Faux Calligraphy.

Calligraphy is used only pen and paper. That’s it. You see this font i used in the past few days. I made the quote colourful with each words. Faux calligraphy is simple to do.

First, I wrote in handwriting script. Second, create line between each letter. Lastly, the hardest part is shade. I can do one quote in faux calligraphy, once a day.

Shading for me is hassle. This takes patience in writing process. But the result is colourful to look at.

Eventually, I will master Faux Calligraphy and learn the next new font.

Calligraphy: Discipline Theme of the Week

For this week, I post a photo about Discipline.

“Once you have commitment, you need the discipline and hard work to get you there.” – Haile Gebrselassie

For me, I try to master discipline in small ways. For example waking up early in the morning. That’s the start. To make my wake up discipline work, I do theory and action.

Theory by write quotes, and read ebook. I write the quote thru colourful pens. There’s a visual impact to remember the quote.  By the way, I’m a fan of ebook. Easy to read. Plus the audiobook is better. I believe discipline comes from planning and crucial decision. It does not mean i have to literally find discipline book. So, I chose an ebook called,

59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot

This 59 seconds ebook is crucial. Each decision has good and bad consequences. I purchase the ebook around 2.99 dollars and the audiobook is somewhere 4 dollars.

Almost 7 dollars. Reading ebooks is an investment. Especially I move around a lot. Books is okay. But there’s weight in bag. Ebooks is good on the go. I noticed I finish an ebook when there’s an audiobook.

Then. my action is priorities at least 3 things for today. Go out, write and paint.

I’ll post in my next blog about my ebook review about 59 seconds ebook.

Overall, I’m excited to read ebook and post some quote pictures in the future.


Learn from Defeat is a lesson

“If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.” By Zig Ziglar

The road to amateur road to calligraphy expert is long. This time I tried to write quotes by script and adding colors to each words. Before, I noticed colors are fun to look at. Pleasant to see and uplift my sour mood Sometimes, I prefer to color ny artworks than use black colors.

One time, I saw an episode where a guy draws simple house picture using red crayons. He said “draw like you’re having fun. No criticism. No Biased. Draw like you appreciate art.”

This show is good. But I forgot what’s the name of the show.

Anyways, art is fun. Sometimes, I succeed. Sometimes, I failed. Failure is a feedback that I can improve next time. For example, I didn’t post quote photos everyday. I post quote photos whenever i feel like it. For me, art is not for rush. There are times, I don’t feel motivated at all. Just want to be lazy after experiencing hard work and stress. But there are times, I’m motivated to improve myself.

For me, I like the way a person writes a beautiful script. I see this during events like weddings, birthdays and invitation cards.

So, I’ll continue to improve my calligraphy.

Why the Secret of Change is not easy?

When there’s a problem that I don’t want to handle, I prefer to go back to comfort zone. Comfort zone seems safe and warm. But staying there too much can make me mushy like mash potato. So I’ve done some activity that relates the secret of change.

A quote by Socrates

-Practice Gratitude
People say practice gratitude every day can make you a better person. It’s true. I tried this 28 days straight. I feel a bit better about myself. For now, I practice gratitude sometimes. I prefer to write a gratitude using a notebook because it’s different to write than typing.
-One activity that I do every weekends
In a world full of buildings and smoke, especially singles are not allowed in EDSA. I craved for fun and entertainment. I took some time to take a photo of animals especially goats. Other animals are good, but… The cats like to run away. The dogs are approaching me to the point I need more practice in animal photography. (P.S I’ll post some goat photos here in fb page and ig soon)
-One Continuous Project
Before I took a short course in baking. 7 days. Almost every Saturday. Right now, I’m still a newbie in baking. My current project is making a loaf of bread. Why? I don’t know what baking recipe I can do every week. I cannot make a cake. That’s not practical. So why not bread loaf. Bread loaf is a common snack to eat. I’ll post my bread loaf journey blog in the future.
Lastly, building something new takes time. Go for it. Just take Action.
(P.S If you’re interested with my written quotes, you can like my facebook page and follow me on instagram #mqtc. I post my written quotes almost everyday. )
(P.S.S When I write some quotes, I learned some of the authors behind those quotes. Socrates is a philosopher. Since Socrates is influencer, his teachings were wide spread. One of them is called, Stoicism. Stoicism is more of overcoming hardship without complaint. The ebook is called, Stoicism: A Detailed Breakdown of Stoicism Philosophy and Wisdom from the Greats: A Complete Guide To Stoicism
This ebook is one of my wish list. Since it has audiobook. Sometimes Philosophy sounds boring but there’s some teachings that can apply in real life. Like learn how to think.)

Riding MRT can be tiring, but audiobook is helpful

Reading Books from time to time is good. When I’m busy I prefer to listened to audiobooks especially waiting for a long time inside MRT(Manila Metro Rail Transit System).

Back in 2016, I used to ride the MRT going to Cubao, Quezon City to attend a speech course. This speech course is only for 2 weeks on weekdays, morning. Whenever I’m inside in MRT, I’m bored. Some people are talking. Some people are quiet. All I hear is the noise of the train. Sometimes, I get to talk with my Mom. But other times, I have no one to talk to. I experienced commuting with my Mom or on my own.

I have an assignment on last day of my speech course. The Speech Teacher randomly picks a topic that is relatable to each of the student. Someone gets time management, health fitness, beauty, and so on. Mine, was goal. I noticed that each of the topic needs improvement for each of us.

Practical quotes is good to apply in real life!

Since I know, I suck at goal. After class, I went to National Bookstore somewhere in Cubao. I saw the book called

by Brain Tracy. I looked at the price thinking i don’t have a budget. Since I only bring what I need in Cubao. So when I commute back home. I order an audiobook version of Goals!

Honestly, I prefer to buy a audiobook first, then ebook and book. Books are fun to read when there’s sounds.

I always listen the goal audiobook for few days before I demo my speech. The cool thing about the speech course was that when I do the speech demo, there’s a video recorder. It’s good if my speech is better. In reality, I look on the wall when i hear my solo speech video.

As an introvert, when I’m in front of the stage, I have an alter ego of having different personality. At first, stage fright later on being comfortable. Too comfortable to the point I sway a lot from my hands. Just like being carefree.

In Goals Audiobook , written goal is the first step. Taking Action takes time and energy. I observed Brain Tracy’s voice. He sounds calm and speaks straightforward.

I accomplished a goal one step at the time. First, I passed the speech course with flying colours. Second, I post quote photos almost everyday. Third, last year I’ve done a cooking demo. Lastly, I improved my baking my bread.

Overall, if you don’t know where to start. Start by doing small steps. For example, starts listening the audiobook of Goals! by Brian Tracy. Listen the audio all over again. You’ll get a hint some of the sayings. If you prefer free stuff, you watch Brain Tracy’s on youtube.

Recycle photo papers by writing quotes

There was a pack of photo paper that was not used. This item was left behind my older sister. I receive this knowing i can use this item one day.

Right now, a good opportunity starts. I noticed when I used a brush pen, it’s compatible with photo paper.

If I used the standard printing paper like short bond, it does not flow nicely.

When i see people who wrote in brush pen, the color is light. My mind was like, I want to do that!

My brush pen is Tombow dual brush. I learned that premium paper is used for watercolor effect.

For now, photo paper is okay.

I written a lot in the past. Afterwards, I don’t know where to put them. Some are still with me. Some of the paper are thrown out.

So, I decided since photo paper is small, i can put the paper together in a small album. That would be nice.

Futhermore, I’m excited to write more in the future.